The man stole ex-girlfriend’s toilet seat, and has become a laughing stock


Photo: shelblikadoo / Reddit

The girl under the nickname shelblikadoo told me that her ex-boyfriend after an argument took along with a toilet. She wrote about this on Reddit emigrate.

“Yesterday I broke up with a guy. While I slept, he dismantled and stole my toilet,” said shelblikadoo, attaching a photo of the hole in the floor as evidence.

In the comments, the victim told about the incident. Once in her rented apartment broke the toilet. She decided to call homeowners and ask them to fix the bathroom, but her boyfriend did the repair himself, as he worked as a plumber.

According to shelblikadoo later the young man remembered to fix the toilet every time you fight. He said he put a lot of money to use the bathroom, so his girlfriend has no right to be rude to him.

A few months later, she decided to end the relationship, but the reaction of the men was mixed. “I’ll take the fucking toilet” — a phrase he uttered immediately after he learned about the breakup.

The post girls scored more than 75 thousand approvals a day. Reddit users mocked the behavior stole the toilet men.

“This is fucking ridiculous. I’m really sorry for the breakup and loss of the toilet, but it’s so stupid that even funny,” wrote one commenter. “I guess the toilet was the only one who could put up with his shit,” joked another.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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