The mysterious stranger gave the Japanese a million and disappeared


Photo: Issei Kato / Reuters

A resident of Japan received one million yen from a stranger and now does not know how to return them to her. This was reported by news portal Sora 24.

The incident occurred in the city in hokota, Ibaraki Prefecture. 28-year-old unnamed Japanese was home alone and heard the bell ring. He opened the door and saw on the threshold of a strange old woman in glasses with thick lenses. “Are you her son? Your mother said that you would come home at five o’clock in the evening, when she comes, tell her,” said the woman gave the man two envelopes and left in a car.

The Japanese really lived with his mother and decided that it was her friend. However, when she returned home, it became clear that she wasn’t expecting anyone. Moreover, the description of a stranger have not got any one of her relatives or friends. When they opened one of the envelopes found in it the 40 thousand yen (about 24.3 thousand rubles). The second was a million yen (about 606,5 thousand).

Embarrassed the Japanese gave money to the police who will find out who was the mysterious generous woman. They doubt that she had any criminal intent, she probably just has the wrong house.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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