The rules of adoption in Russia has promised to tighten


Olga Vasilieva Photo: Dmitry Astakhov / RIA Novosti

The Ministry of education of Russia will prompt the government to tighten the requirements for those wishing to adopt a child and reduce the allowable number of children in foster care. This was stated by the head of Department Olga Vasilyev, reports TASS.

“Now we have a rule to eight children [the maximum number of foster and biological children in one family],” said the Minister, noting that “family can’t be like kindergarten or family orphanage”.

Vasiliev also promised to strengthen the selection of parents and the requirements for candidates “on the high rank of the parents”, including to their psychological survey. “Toughen very great,” the Minister said.

According to her, these sentences are associated with cases of violence and killings of children in foster care. “All the tragic cases of a new (adoptive) families, who were this year led to a disappointing conclusion: the selection of prospective adoptive parents were very careless,” said she. Vasiliev gave an example of a situation that occurred in the beginning of the year in the Smolensk region, when the adoptive father raped and then killed a seven year old girl. “The father was denied previously in custody and then the child together with a brother and sister still got it. And further traces of violence and murder,” reminded the head of Department.

In addition, Vasilyeva said that the negative attitude to the resolution to adopt the children of HIV positive parents. “I will tell you honestly: I am far from the idea of this” she said without further explanation.

According to TASS, in the data Bank of orphaned children is 48 thousand questionnaires. About 50 thousand Russians deprived of parental rights annually.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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