Trump has lifted the restrictions on the application of cyberware by opponents of the United States


Photo: Adam Berry / Getty Images

The President of the United States Donald trump canceled the decree of his predecessor, Barack Obama, establishing a number of conditions and obligations for the beginning of the cyber attacks on opponents of the United States. About this newspaper the Wall Street Journal said people familiar with the matter.

The new decree trump is also spelled out when and how the US can use cyber weapons, while the sources did not disclose details, citing the secrecy of the document. Earlier, the President complained too bureaucratic procedure of order to confirm which involved an excessive number of agencies.

On 18 July, the Pentagon gave the U.S. cyber command of the US armed forces the authority to proactively conduct a hacker attack. The new strategy of the Department provides for continuing destructive activities on the brink of war in foreign networks. It is noted that this will help to identify weaknesses of opponents, to learn their intentions and capabilities, and to counterattack.

Cyber command of the US armed forces established in June 2009. It combined a number of military offices and services involved in network technologies and information warfare.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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