Ukrainian prosecutors promised Yanukovych God’s punishment


Victor Yanukovychto: Alexander Miridonov / Kommersant

During the court session on the case of former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, prosecutors have demanded that the fugitive ruler 15 years in prison and threatened him with God’s judgment. The text of the speech published on his page in Facebook press-the Secretary of GPU Larisa Sargan.

She wrote that the audience was unable to clearly hear the speech of prosecutors, because they are being constantly interrupted and cheered the lawyers of Yanukovych. For this reason, the Gar decided to publish the full text of the speech on the social network.

“God gives everyone a chance. To make the world around more beautiful, the people are happier. This chance has given and he is to make Ukraine strong and prosperous, while 45 million citizens —successful”, began his presentation by prosecutors. They declared that Yanukovych believed representatives of different professions and regions, and he betrayed them.

“Crippled fate, a divorced family left at home — that’s the bitter price of betrayal of one person who had a chance …. History will place all points over “i” on the role of public traitor Yanukovych. Condemn Yanukovych and God, and people,” said prosecutors.

The former President pressed charges of state treason, encroachment on the territorial integrity and the war. On set of charges, the state prosecutors requested for Yanukovych to 15 years in prison.

Before the meeting there was a scuffle. The police refuse to miss out in the courtroom the lawyers of Viktor Yanukovych.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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