Uncovered a flaw in the engagement ring of Princess Diana


Princess Gianetto: Reuters

British newspaper the Sun revealed the fact about the engagement ring of Princess Diana, who has long been embarrassed by the entire Royal family.

In the day of the engagement, Prince Charles gave the bride a gold ring with 12-carat Ceylon sapphire and 14 diamonds, made British jewelry house Garrard. However, this decoration was not unique — it was presented in the Garrard catalogue at the price of 60 thousand dollars.

Photo: Arthur Edwards – WPA Pool / Getty Images

It is known that Princess Diana chose this ring from the collection of Charles Garrard. Some were inclined to believe that Diana gave preference to this ring because of its size, others argued that it reminded her engagement ring to her mother.

After the death of Diana in 1997 the entire collection of jewelry mother inherited her sons the Duke of Cambridge William and the Duke of Sussex Harry. Her sapphire engagement ring now belongs to the wife of William Kate Middleton.

Earlier it was reported that the day of the wedding, Prince Harry also gave his wife Meghan Markle ring with sapphire and diamonds that belonged to his mother Princess Diana. Leaving the doors of Windsor castle and sitting in the Jaguar, 1968, Megan demonstrated the decoration, in which the reporters recognized the ring of lady Di.

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