Debts under the salary before the Russians dramatically increased


Photo: Mikhail Metzel / TASS

The total debt of Russian employers to the employees as of August 1 is equal to 3.4 billion rubles, follows from the materials of Rosstat. This is 20.9 per cent more than the previous month.

21.2 percent of the total debt (721 million rubles) accounts for 2017, 2016 and more distant periods — 34.6% (1.2 billion). The rest was formed in 2018.

At the moment the arrears are in front of 50.4 thousand people. 44 percent of them employees of manufacturing industries, 23% builders, eight percent of the employees of agricultural enterprises, six per cent of enterprises of transport and five per cent of extractive.

The leader in non-payment, the far Eastern Federal district — 828 million rubles. Followed by the North-West and Central 708,9 million — 611,3 million. The smallest duty in the Urals Federal district (68,1 million).

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