Estonia decided not to look for a lost combat missile


Photo: NIPA / Reuters

The defence forces of Estonia decided to stop looking missiles, which two weeks ago accidentally released in the air space of the country is Spanish fighter. On it informs edition Delfi.

The head of the air force, Riva Valga told that in two weeks the military has scoured all the places where I could drop the rocket. They used helicopters, foot patrols and drones, but have been unable to detect it. “In spite of the systematic actions, the place of impact is not detected, and all reasonable options to date tried,” said Valga.

According to him, the military have analyzed the information of local residents, the radar data, the probable flight path. Based on this information they drew up a search plan. After they worked out all the possible options, the probability of finding the missiles is extremely small. The military urged residents to report any new information.

“It is very important that the person who found it or something similar, immediately report it by calling 112. Specify location, and yourself, leave it”, — said the head of the Estonian mine action centre meeli impurity.

The fighter Spanish air force Eurofighter accidentally released combat missile in the sky over Estonia on 7 August. Prime Minister jüri Ratas called the incident “very regrettable”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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