In the United States has accused Ukraine of treason


Photo: Stringer / Reuters

Ukrainian company “Motor Sich” contrary to the interests of the United States sold China engines for combat aircraft. About it reports The Washington Times.

According to the publication, the company entered into a contract, involving the delivery of 250 engines at $ 380 million, in 2016. Then, there were 20 engines for combat training aircraft JL-10.

Former Advisor to the U.S. Senate Committee on foreign relations William Triplett said that Ukraine uses the money of American taxpayers and a blow to the Navy of the United States. Expert international Strategy and Assessment Center Rick Fisher believes that Washington should exert pressure on Kiev to block the supply of engines.

Training and combat aircraft Hongdu JL-10 is designed for training pilots of fighter generation 4+ and fifth generation. Presumably, JL-10 is equipped with two engines of Ukrainian origin: Ivchenko Progress AI-222К-25 or Ivchenko Progress AI-222К-25F with afterburner.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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