Russian standards of living have lagged behind Europe for 15 years


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

Russia will be able to catch up with Europe in the number of housing after 15 years. It is reported by RBC with reference to the research company “Talan”. According to analysts, to catch up with Europe will only succeed if the current pace of construction.

Russian cities with the population more than 100 thousand people need to build another 663 million square meters of floor space in order to match the European average. According to them, a man should have about 30 square meters, and the average for Russia this figure is only 23.7 per square meter per person.

According to “Talan” in Moscow strongly expressed the lack of housing. To achieve European level in the capital necessary to build 183 million square feet of living space.

Analysts also noted that in some Russian cities, one person has even more square meters than in Europe. If the latter, this value is approximately 30-40 square meters, then, for example, in Noginsk per capita is calculated about 58 square meters. On the second place of the list is Derbent — 45 square meters. Closes the three leaders of Domodedovo -36,6 square meter.

The study also provides a list of the cities with the largest housing deficit. Among them Simferopol (11.8 per square meter per person), Obninsk (12,8 square meter) and Nazran (13.1 per square meter).

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