The British, thanks to the carrot found a lost 12 years ago ring


Photo: @thisisthewestcountry

British Soaps grown in the garden carrots and found one of them lost 12 years ago ring. About it writes Daily Mail.

This happened in the village of West Monkton, Somerset in the South West of England. 69-year-old gardener Dave Katch (Dave Keitch), we harvested the carrots. He paid no attention to the unusual root and put it in a pile with the others. When his wife Linda started to wash the vegetables, she saw lost many years ago jewelry is one of them. “The carrots have sprouted through it. The probability of this is one in a million,” said the Briton.

Catch gave his wife a gold ring with a amethyst heart-shape on its 40th anniversary. Over time, the decoration was a bit small for her, and she gave his daughter. She gladly wore it and lost it in the garden in 2006. Then the family searched but could not find the ring.

“It was amazing. I couldn’t believe my eyes. So cool that after all these years gave me back my ring” — shared his enthusiasm Catch. When she showed the ornament to her husband, he admitted that all these years tried to find him while working in the garden. The British have not yet decided whether she will return her ring to her daughter or will be stored.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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