The revealed life-extending drugs


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Scientists at the University of Minnesota proved the effectiveness of Sinaiticus, initiating cell death drugs in the fight against aging. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

The researchers found that transplantation of a relatively small number of old cells in tissues of young mice was caused by dysfunction of the healthy tissue, ran in them the ageing process and decreased life expectancy. While a diet high in fat exacerbate the effects of such transplantation. Thus, the aging of the body due to impaired activity of the immune system, which 30 percent is determined by genes and 70 — environment.

Scientists have also shown that a mixture of two of Sinaiticus is of the anticancer drug dasatinib and flavanoid quercetin — promotes selective destruction of cells with an aged phenotype, and reduce inflammation, which is excreted cytokines. This reduces the risk of premature death of rodents by 65 percent. In mice that underwent transplantation of old cells, sinaiticum therapy increased survival by 36 percent.

Experts hope that in the future will be able to confirm the effectiveness of Sinaiticus to fight against aging people.

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