Ukraine has found a way to ward off the Russians to travel to Ukraine


Photo: RIA Novosti

State, Ukrainian Railways (“Ukrzaliznytsia”) deliberately sent to Russia trains of inferior quality. This writes the “Tavria News”.

“If it is not possible to cancel the train, for example, “Kherson-Moscow”, make it so that those damned Muscovites themselves at him will not sit down, as our fellow citizens traveling to Russia, writes the edition. The wagons of such trains are dirty, rusty, dented, scuffed and shabby with peeling paint. Stuffy, no air conditioning, toilets in the field — littered with feces, drunk and swearing conductors”.

On 16 August the Minister of infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian announced that his Ministry proposes to abolish the railway communication with Russia to ensure the safety of Ukrainians who are “at your own risk still go to Russia where they can be stolen or fall into the clutches of the FSB or other law enforcement agencies.”

August 17 Omeljan said that the cessation of passenger railway communication with Russia will not bring Kiev any losses. According to him, the train used for the communication with Russia, can be translated into domestic transportation or other popular routes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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