Americans are doomed spacey for a Grand career failure


Photo: still from the film “Club of billionaires”

The film “Club of billionaires” with the participation of the accused in sexual harassment Kevin spacey collected the day of the premiere in the United States 126 dollars. About it reports The Hollywood Reporter.

According to the newspaper, the tape was shown in limited release in ten screens. Given the cost of tickets, each session was attended by at least two people. Thus, less than twenty people saw the film in first day. According to forecasts by THR, the “Club of billionaires” do not gather for the first weekend rolled thousands of dollars and will be the most disastrous movie in the career of Kevin spacey.

In Russia the film was released on July 19, and gathered, according to the site “Booker’s Bulletin”, more than 50 million rubles. The film, starring Kevin spacey visited more than 170 million viewers.

At the end of June it became known that the rental company decided to release the film “Club of billionaires” despite the boycott of the actor of Hollywood film industry. The distributor said it wants to allow the audience to see the final product worked and the other actors.

July 4-British police received three new allegations of sexual harassment in the address of Hollywood actor Kevin spacey. In March appeared the teaser of the final season of “house of cards” without the participation of spacey.

At the end of October 2017 Kevin spacey was involved in a scandal involving harassment and rape in the film industry of Hollywood. The star was accused of at least 15 people, including nine colleagues who have worked on “house of cards” and actor from the TV series “star trek” Anthony RAPP, who at the time of assault was 14 years.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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