Michael Phelps miserable


Michael Helpspot: JAMES LAWLER DUGGAN / Reuters

Multiple Olympic champion swimmer Michael Phelps told about the struggle with depression. His words are quoted CNN.

“You know, two or three weeks ago I suffered a pretty terrible bout of depression. This is something that will continue throughout my life, but I know myself and understand why I worry about it,” admitted the swimmer.

According to the athlete, he turned to therapy, and then felt better. “I would like to change the situation, I would like to save a life, if you can. You know, it is more important than to win a gold medal,” he added.

Phelps, who had finished their sports career after the Olympic games in 2016, working to raise awareness of depression and other mental illnesses.

The swimmer is the only one in the history of sport 23-time Olympic champion and 26-time world champion. American is an absolute record for most Olympic medals (28) and holder of several world records.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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