Scientists have determined the age and gender of people from a mysterious sarcophagus in Egypt


Photo: Guadalupe Pardo / Reuters

Scientists have identified, who was buried in a black sarcophagus, found in excavations in Alexandria and unsealed on July 19. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

According to the Ministry of antiquities, one of the buried — male 35-39 years and the growth of 160-165 5 cm, the second — a man of large stature (179-184,5 cm), which presumably was 40-44 years. Also with them were buried the woman 20-25 years and height from 160 to 164 cm.

It is noted that the observed hole in the skull of one of the men may have appeared as a result of surgical operation of craniotomy.

Scientists will continue to study the remains from a sarcophagus by conducting DNA examination, to determine the degree of relationship buried.

Earlier it was reported that the sarcophagus found in the five-meter depth, was sealed over two thousand years ago during the dynasty of Ptolemy (IV — I century BC). Since then, it hasn’t been opened, as evidenced by the untouched layer of plaster under the hood.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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