Work style Mask called unscientific and outdated


Photo: Joe Skipper / Reuters

Executive Director of Tesla Ilon Musk made a bet with a top Manager of Uber Arianna Huffington about his style of work. About the American businessman wrote in the Twitter account.

“Ford and Tesla are the only two American car company to avoid bankruptcy. I just returned home from the factory. You think I have a choice. But it is not,” wrote Musk.

17 Aug Huffington published an open letter in the Global edition of the Thrive, where the accused Mask demonstration “wildly outdated, unscientific and terribly inefficient way to use human energy” and advised him to change the style of work. Top Manager of Uber admitted that she admires the productivity of the Mask, but he should rest more.

We are talking about the interview, Mask The New York Times in which he spoke about the exhaustion at work. Columnist cited studies that prove that the availability of free time allows you to make more effective decisions. She stated that people should not be on the performance of the robots and take time to rest as a failure.

On 7 August, the entrepreneur has declared its readiness to buy out Tesla for the price of $ 420 per share, which triggered the first sharp increase shares by 10 percent, and then drop them. After that some shareholders Tesla filed a lawsuit against the Mask, explaining that they suffered significant losses due to false information. 16 August, Tesla opened a case because of the tweets of the owner about the possibility of turning a company private.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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