Fallen from the sky the sheep sent the teenager to the hospital


Photo: Mourne Mountain Rescue Team

In the UK, the student had lost consciousness and was taken to hospital after he suddenly fell sheep. This was reported by local news portal Joe.

The incident occurred in the mountains of Mourne in the South-East of Northern Ireland. A group of teenagers went camping, and when they approached the ravine, one of them fell sheep. The young man lost consciousness, his companions immediately called rescuers.

The teenager, who received head injuries, neck, back, abdomen and legs, was given first aid on the spot. Then on the stretcher they carried him to the road, and from there an ambulance took him to the hospital.

According to rescuers, the sheep in the fall was not injured and immediately ran away from the scene.

At the end of April it was reported about the inhabitant of China, which knocked out fallen on top of the dog. The girl was hospitalized with a concussion and neck injury, the police are looking for the pet owner to learn the details of the incident.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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