Germany refused to listen to Putin


Vladimir Putinto: Alexei Druzhinin / RIA Novosti

In Germany, criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin for what he called on Europe to assist in rebuilding the infrastructure of Syria to return to the country of refugees. This writes Deutsche Welle.

Foreign policy expert of the green faction in the Bundestag Omid Nouripour believes that the Russian President wants not only “to formulate the conditions on a winner”, but also to the countries of Europe “paid for the rebuilding of the cities that he bombed”. At the same time, many Syrians left the country not because of war, but fearing political persecution, he said. The politician believes that possible participation in the reconstruction shall become the lever for influence on the post-war order.

“To help the regime of [President Bashar] Assad is not in the interests of Germany,” — said the Deputy Chairman of the faction of Free democratic party (FDP) in the Bundestag, Alexander Lambsdorff. In his opinion, Russia for the military campaign reached the limit of financial possibilities, therefore, can not seriously help Damascus with the construction of infrastructure.

He also pointed out that for the return of Syrians need not only reconstruction, but also guarantees that they will not “be enough of torture in prisons.” “The refugees will return, if not to fear political persecution and deprivation of all their property” — I agree with him, the representative of the social democratic fraction in Parliament Nils Schmid.

For assistance in restoring infrastructure, Putin said at negotiations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. They were held on 18 August and lasted three hours. The sides discussed cooperation, the situation in Syria, Iran and Ukraine.

Russian HQs have started a campaign in Syria on 30 October 2015. With the request for military assistance to Moscow appealed to the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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