Naina Yeltsin, Rutskoi accused of betraying the


Photo: Sergey Savostyanov / RIA Novosti

The widow of Boris Yeltsin Naina commented on the words of former Vice President Alexander Rutskoi on “three-day binge and trying to escape to the American Embassy” the first President of Russia. Her statement “the Yeltsin centre”.

“For me, and Rutskoi and Khasbulatov – people who do not have faith. Many betrayals and lies on their conscience that it is impossible to seriously deny the nonsense that they spread,” said she.

“Knowing his character, you knew he would be with the defenders of the White house until the end. Otherwise, simply could not be! Then, much later, those who were in the White house, wrote in his memoirs that the security Service, in the case of the storming of the building, wanted to take Boris to the American Embassy. But he flatly refused,” said Yeltsin, adding that during the coup she was in the White house.

“Boris Nikolaevich, unfortunately, can not answer those who lie. However, I think if it would be they were afraid to so blatantly lie”, — she summed up.

Earlier Rutskoi in an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets” said that Yeltsin “went to a three-day binge” and tried to hide from the Americans. Later, former Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation Ruslan Khasbulatov confirmed the information, stressing that he himself told about it Rutskoi.

The August putsch called the events of 18-21 August 1991. On the part of officials and bodies of state power in the USSR, they were regarded as a conspiracy, a coup and unconstitutional seizure of power.

Arose in the days of the putsch were opposed by the leadership of Russian President Boris Yeltsin and Vice President Alexander Rutskoi. In their appeal in front of the White house gathered thousands of people.

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