Old family secrets brought into the public debate


Photo: Chris Helgren / Reuters

A Reddit user under the nickname Sweet_Baby_Breesus suggested the rest of the visitors imageboard to tell you what not to say in their families.

One of the regulars of the forum wrote that his cousin was kidnapped in infancy by the father. Mother ran away from her husband, a tyrant in another state, but he found her and asked her to explain. Instead of talking the man grabbed her child and fled the city. Then the man filed for ex-wife to court for what she allegedly threw the baby.

“20 years later, my cousin found us and we were reunited. Dinner in honor of the thanksgiving is great, but we’re not talking about this case,” wrote a relative of the kidnapped.

Another user spoke about the problems a relative who suffers from a serious mental illness.

“My uncle, most likely schizophrenic. But since he thinks that the voices he hears from heaven, and the creatures he sees from hell, we just say he’s pious,” said the man under the nickname robbossduddntmatter.

Another visitor told Reddit that the family does not remember about his wedding, because six months later, the marriage fell apart, and the man earned the depression and left homeless.

“My grandfather repeatedly raised the question about the wedding for necessary reasons, but said in such cases “the day when we met in the Park”,” wrote a devastated man.

The user madmoran1029 remembered the story of how he was caught during a non-traditional use of a vacuum cleaner. The boy’s mother noticed that he was lying next to the vacuum cleaner “with his pants down”.

In total, the visitors imageboard left more than 19 thousand comments in the post about the forbidden topic in the family. Entry gained almost 40 thousand approvals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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