Russia was left without cheap vodka


Photo: Anton Denisov / RIA Novosti

The minimum retail price (MRP) for vodka of any strength in Russia from August 20 is equal to the minimum value of 40-degree vodka — 205 rubles per half liter. The order of the Ministry of Finance this was in force. Document published on the portal of legal information.

Thus, MRC beverage from 37 to 38 degrees will rise by 9 rubles, and from 38 to 39 and 4 of the ruble. The minimum cost of a stronger vodka will not change, notes TASS.

Experts note that the demand for the “weak” vodka will fall. According to the head of the information centre Wine Retail Alexandra Stavtseva, the sale of the 38-degree beverage has grown, and now rates will drop to almost zero. “And subtle tinctures, in which MRTS will remain for a few cents less, this niche is not filled, they have a buyer and consumer of vodka in the liqueur will not switch”, — he said.

According to the President of the Union of manufacturers of alcoholic production of Igor Kosarev, it would be logical to install the MRC, depending on the size of the excise tax. “As for strength vodka 38 degree manufacturer shall pay less excise tax, and the MRC for such products should be lower, namely 196 rubles per 0.5 liter, as it was until August 20,” — he stressed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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