Russian schoolboy rescued a driver from a sinking car


Frame: the police of the Irkutsk region

16-year-old resident of the Irkutsk region Alexander Dubrovin saved a man from drowning car, the press service of the regional Department of the MIA of Russia.

The incident occurred at kilometer 23 of the road OSA — Ust-UDA the pond, where the rest of the company of men. Two of them got into the car Nissan to drive on the beach. The driver, being drunk, drove into the river. The car began to sink. The passenger could get out, and the driver was blocked. Fished near ninth. He rushed in and saved the man.

“I jumped into the lake, swam into the cabin, removed his feet from the pedals and pulled him to shore,” said Dubrovin.

Other campers called the cops. At the 40-year-old driver the administrative report as regards 1 article 12.8 of the administrative code of Russian Federation (“Management of vehicle driver in a state of intoxication”). The 44-year-old friend, the owner of the car who was in the passenger seat, prosecuted under part 2 of article 12.8 of the administrative code of Russian Federation (“the Transfer of control of the vehicle to a person who is intoxicated”). The car was sent to the impound lot.

Earlier in June, 17-year-old student of the industrial College of Novocherkassk (Rostov region) rescued his nephew, and died a young man had been under water for more than 10 minutes — it took over.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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