The bride changed her appearance during the wedding


Kyle’s Palace (right)Frame: @kaylacummings_

The bride impressed the guests appearance with a new haircut right in the middle of the wedding day. It is reported by The Sun.

Kyle’s Palace (Palace Kayla) came to the ceremony in a white lace dress and with long blond curls below the shoulder blades. In the middle of the day the girl left 15 minutes before the evening reception to go out to the family and friends with a new hairstyle.

“Kyle decided to get a haircut right after the ceremony and short hair were in addition to her evening outfit. We have until recently kept the idea secret. We had a little more than ten minutes for the whole process,” shared sister and hairdresser bride A. J. (AJ).

At the appointed time, Palace took the stage with a new hairstyle and red lipstick on the lips for the first dance with her husband.

In July, fashion experts have compiled a list of haircuts that are especially popular with celebrities in the summer of 2018. One of them combed to the side hair above the shoulders of the American top model Hailey Baldwin. Was also highlighted haircut-Bob Chinese supermodel Liu Wen.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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