The British knew about the pregnancy of the fourth child during childbirth


Photo: Sarah Bailey

The British resident of Middlesbrough, Sarah Bailey (Sarah Bailey) I realized I was pregnant the fourth child, only at birth. The Daily Mail reports that initially she had taken the bout for the upset stomach.

The Briton admitted that in the course of pregnancy has not increased in size, used protection, and she had monthly bleeding. So when the 29-year-old Bailey sharply stomach ache, she did not expect that it will be a fight. Her mother Pat was the first to understand what was happening, took birth from her daughter and called an ambulance.

Shortly after birth, the child stopped breathing, but quickly arrived at the doctors resuscitated the girl and gave first aid to the mother. They were taken to the hospital and was discharged a few days later. The girl weighed at birth three pounds, called Desiray (Benjamin).

The doctor explained to the stunned Bailey that she did not notice the pregnancy, because of unusual location of the placenta before the uterus.

“I didn’t know about the pregnancy until birth. All seemed unreal. The hardest was the guilt before Desiray I drank alcohol and didn’t lead the healthiest lifestyle, because I didn’t know about its existence,” said the Briton. According to her, children enjoy playing with unexpected little sister. “Desire — stunning little girl-and living proof that pregnancy does not always proceeds as usual,” concluded Bailey.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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