The Prosecutor’s office reported about the violence of the father over the daughters-killers


Angelina, Hachaturjanu: Agency city news “Moscow”

Moscow Prosecutor’s office has information about sexual violence, Mikhail Khachaturian on his two daughters. On Monday, August 20, the correspondent of TASS from the courtroom, which deals with appeals against the arrest of the three sisters Khachaturian.

“The Prosecutor’s office has information about applying in relation to sisters Christina and angelina Khachaturian their father of sexual abuse, in this regard, I ask to hold a meeting behind closed doors,” said the Prosecutor in the course of the meeting.

As told “Interfax” the lawyer of the middle sister Alex Parshin, the investigation recognized that father was doing with the girls “immoral actions”.

“There’s not only immoral acts, where the crime was committed,” said Parshin.

The meetings are held in the Moscow city court. The case against each of the girls are considered separately, the question about the mode of process, the court decides during the hearing.

Earlier, lawyers for the sisters Khachatryan told reporters that the girls pleaded guilty to the murder and told the details of the crime. So, the younger admitted that he caused the father no more than five stab wounds, the elder said that sprayed him in the face with a gas canister.

Three sisters accused of murdering his father, was arrested on 2 August. They were detained after the end of July in the stairwell of a residential building on the highway altufyevskoe was found the body of Mikhail Khachaturian with multiple stab wounds. Version close to the investigation source, the murder was planned by the girls in advance.

Relatives of the sisters spoke in the media about the tyranny of Khachaturian. So, the mother of the girls admitted that the man did not let her out of the house and beaten, and the grandmother of the sisters said that my father threatened them. The girls complained about constant bullying and beatings, are even caught on camera in their smartphones. Now they hope that the pictures will be attached to the materials of the criminal case.

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