Alligator killed trying to rescue a dog American


Cassandra, Claypot: Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office

In the American town of Hilton head island, South Carolina, an alligator killed a woman. It is reported by WRAL-TV.

The attack occurred near the cottages where they lived 45-year-old Cassandra Klein (Cassandra Cline) and her husband. The woman was walking her border collie on a Golf course, when from a reservoir crawled an alligator and chased a dog. She rushed to the aid of pet, it was joined by a worker. Then the reptile turned his attention to Kline and dragged her under water.

The dog was not injured, and now watching her roommate. Alligator, caused the death of a woman, was caught and killed. Its length was about 2.5 meters.

The neighbor said that during the attack, the alligator was in the shower. He heard screams, but thought that screaming bird. The man learned about the incident only half an hour later when I went outside and saw the crowd that had gathered near the road. There lay the hat Kline, her Shoe and a package of treats for dogs.

In South Carolina common Mississippi alligators also live in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, Texas and Louisiana. Although since 1976 the reptiles about 20 times attacked residents of the state, people almost always managed to escape. So far their only victim was 90-year-old woman killed in 2016.

In 2017, it was reported that a resident of South Carolina for the first time went to hunt for alligators, shot a four-meter reptile. She stated that she intends to eat its prey.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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