“Almaz-Antey” is explained by the replacement of the C-500


Photo: Newsb.ru

For anti-aircraft rocket systems of the future, the range is not the main parameter, said the TV channel “Zvezda”, the General Director of the Russian concern aerospace defense “Almaz-Antey” Jan Novikov.

According to the Manager, in today’s world there is a powerful development as a means of attack and means of reflection and reaction.

“For systems of the future requires other qualities than the range. Range of 500 kilometers is enough to ward off controls (“AWACS”, omahapokeronline), they require other qualities that I’m not entirely free to access,” said Novikov.

Currently, the “Almaz-Antey” completes the development of advanced air defense system s-500 “Prometheus”. The complex is a development of the radar 96Л6Е used in s-300 and s-400. Radar detector for such a system with an active phased array antenna and is used for detection and tracking of targets at all altitudes, recognition of their membership on the principle of “friend or foe”. The range s-500 maneuvering targets, including those in space, is estimated at 200 kilometers.

In April 2018 work all-altitude radar-detector “Yenisei” from the set of s-500 “Prometheus” for the first time caught on video.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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