Five thousand year old monument in the Urals, came under bomb threat



The Sverdlovsk region Prosecutor’s office checks the information about the threat of destruction of the monument five thousand years of culture and religious complex “Sagra-2”, RIA Novosti reported.

According to preliminary data, in the area of the monument near Yekaterinburg started work on the extraction of gravel, the permission of which was given by the regional Ministry of the environment. The “Sarga-2” is under state protection, and any excavation work on site is prohibited.

According to the destruction of the archaeological monument first announced, a local historian Olga Shevchenko. According to her, within the protective zone of the sawn trees, crushed stones and traces of the work of heavy equipment.

“Destroyed all the boundary marks of the territory of the monument. Destroyed vegetation in the monument and the protected landscape area. There were fresh chips on the monument. Forest destroyed for many miles around, to the horizon. Methods and scope of deforestation give rise to fears that the monument will soon be blasted into rubble,” — said she.

The object of cultural heritage “Sagra-2” includes a stone portal, around which in 2009 were found stones of different colors and the tip of the arrow. According to estimates of archaeologists, approximate age religious complex is about 5000 years.

10 Aug completely burned the wooden Church of the Dormition, built in the late EIGHTEENTH century in the Karelian town of Kondopoga. She was one of the tallest wooden churches in the Russian North and was an object of cultural heritage of Federal importance. On charges of arson detained 15-the summer schoolboy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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