Nazi Third Reich was expelled from the U.S.


Photo: US Department of Justice / AP

In Germany on Tuesday, 21 August, was extradited Jacob paly — one of the last known Nazi Third Reich living in the United States. This was announced at the White house, writes the Associated Press.

The deportation of the 95-year-old man was held 25 years after it first came investigators with questions about the past. Since 2003, the char is not American citizenship, but he, along with his wife Maria continued to live in a two story house in new York city because no country wanted to accept it.

As noted, to send a man in Germany was able after several weeks of diplomatic meetings. “Due to active negotiations, the President [of the USA Donald] trump and his team ensured the deportation of the pallium to Germany,” — said in the White house. What fate awaits him in Germany — is unknown. Previously, prosecutors said that evidence for his prosecution for war crimes is not enough.

Paly was born in Ukrainian family in 1943, he was a supervisor in a concentration camp “Trawniki”. Then he was transferred to security battalion of the SS, where he served until the end of the Second world war. In the U.S. he arrived in 1949, and for obtaining a visa lied, that during the battle he worked first in carpentry and then on the farm. “I would never get a visa if she told the truth. Everyone lied to me”, — he said.

In the U.S. the man worked as a draftsman until he retired. About the past, the pallium became known after his name was found in a Nazi registry. During interrogations, he confessed that he worked in a concentration camp and had served in the SS, but their connection with war crimes denies. The U.S. Supreme court in 2003, admitted his involvement in the murders.

In April it was reported about a former concentration camp guard Auschwitz-Birkenau (Auschwitz), who was charged with involvement in the genocide. It was noted that the 94-year-old German to stand trial as a juvenile.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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