The British five years was posing as a wealthy heir to a blue blood


Photo: Bournemouth Daily Echo page in Facebook

In the British city of Bournemouth, Dorset, has sentenced a fraudster, who for many years was posing as an aristocrat and a millionaire. This publication reports the Metro.

31-year-old James Makoka (James Maycock) was accused of 19 counts of fraud and deception, and five of them pleaded guilty. He was sentenced to two years conditional imprisonment and 150 hours of unpaid work. In addition, he will have to sign up for courses thinking skills. Violation of the set conditions is punishable by imprisonment for six months.

Macock for five years, assured his girlfriend and her family that inherited a million pounds sterling (about 88 million). To impress her, the man booked a flight to London by helicopter. It cost him nine thousand pounds (790 rubles), which he never paid.

The girl believed the crook to be a professional pilot. Later it turned out that in fact it was only a ten-hour flying lessons, which cost 2.5 thousand pounds. This amount he did not pay.

In 2016 Maycock got a job in a garage as unskilled mechanics without the permission of the purchased spare parts at the company’s expense, and then quit. After that, he without the knowledge of the girls started a company on her behalf and tried to sell unmanned aerial vehicle on credit, stating to the seller that he is dealing with the Lord.

In July it was reported that American con artist Anthony Gignac about 30 years pretended to be a Saudi Prince, until he was given a love for pork, which he ate on the eyes of a possible victim — millionaire Jeffrey Saffer.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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