The Central Bank ceased to fear for the future of the ruble


Photo: Natalia Seliverstova / RIA Novosti

The Central Bank resumed currency purchases in the domestic market in the framework of the budget rules, the statistics on the regulator’s website. Purchases stopped in early August after a sharp weakening of the ruble.

On 17 August, the Central Bank purchased foreign currency by 17.5 billion rubles. The calculations for these transactions was made on August 20.

It’s more than the daily volume of purchases according to the plans of the Ministry of Finance, which the Agency announced in early August. Then stated to 16.7 billion rubles, which the regulator had to buy foreign currency for the Ministry in the period from 7 August to 6 September. Total procurement was to be 383,2 billion.

These funds represent the oil and gas windfall of the budget from the excess of actual oil prices over scheduled. Bought currency is sent to the national welfare Fund (NWF) in the budgetary rules.

On 8 August, the volume of purchases was reduced to 8.4 billion due to a sharp weakening of the ruble against the background of announcements about new anti-Russian sanctions from the United States. From August 9 the procurement stopped, so as not to weaken the ruble even more.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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