The old woman sat with bear in the kitchen and lost an eye


April Rogercarr: WMUR9 / YouTube

A resident of Groton, new Hampshire, doesn’t get mad at the bear who lost his eyes. Reported by the Associated Press.

About a month ago, 71-year-old April Rogers (Apryl Rogers) was awakened by a noise coming from the kitchen. She went down and found that the house has hosted a large black bear that entered through poorly closed door..

The woman sat on the chair and tried not to panic. The beast sat down next to her, then slapped her paw across the face and left. Bear claws slashed her cheek and the skin on the skull. As a result, she lost his left eye and injured his neck.

After meeting with bear Rogers was in the hospital. The doctors believe that she can leave in two weeks. Despite the injuries, the woman does not lose spirit. “I will not allow that to me is something broken, she says. — It’s not worth it. Better to laugh than to cry. And I’m laughing. I’m happy.”

Black bear (baribal) — the most common in North America the species. The adult male reaches a length of 1.4-2 metres and weigh up to 360 kilograms. Representatives of this species rarely attack humans.

In may it was reported that in Connecticut scared the bear got stuck in the car and began to honk. The owner came to the police, who opened the car, after which the beast fled.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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