The Ukrainians refused to consider Russia as a successor of Kievan Rus


Photo: RIA Novosti

About 70 percent of Ukrainians believe that the successor of Kievan Rus is Ukraine, not Russia. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the sociological group “Rating”.

The survey showed that this view is held by 68 percent of respondents. Nine percent believe that the successor of Kievan Rus is Russia. Another six percent believe that neither Ukraine nor Russia can claim the legacy of the ancient Russian state, and 17 percent are unable to give an answer.

Most of those who called the successor of Kievan Rus, the Ukraine, live in the West and center of the country (79 percent). In the South, this version of hold 54 percent in the East — 51%.

It is noted that in ten years the number of those who consider Ukraine as a successor of Kievan Rus, has increased — in 2008, this answer was given by 54 respondents. It is also indicated that to halve the percentage of those who believe the successor of the Ancient Russian state Russia — ten years ago the figure was 18 percent.

The survey was conducted 3-10 August 2018 among the two thousand residents of Ukraine older than 18 years.

Kievan Rus (Ancient state, Ancient Rus) existed approximately from IX to XII-XIII century. The largest and most important cities of Kievan Rus were considered as being on the territory of modern Ukraine Kiev, Chernigov and Pereyaslavl, and the Russian Novgorod, Pskov and Suzdal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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