Vyriausiojo nails in patients of pedicure tried to stop


Elena Zykaj: Elena Jyk / YouTube

Specialists in pedicure launched the social media campaign #starzyk directed against Elena ZIK, which, they claim, tricked pulling out nails from patients.

The hashtag started participating in the workshops ZIK who paid for your participation from 10 to 50 thousand rubles. One of them, the dermatologist Svetlana Opanasenko, said the TV channel “Rain” that, after returning from such an event, wrote a letter to the Prosecutor. She made the impression as Jyk learned from workshop participant the nail plate and “shredding everything in its understanding.”

“After the procedure, she wrapped the foot with a diaper and said, “Let them drain two or three hours.” In the head full swing with only one thought: to run faster and farther,” said Opanasenko. According to her, the specialist explained the need to remove the nails that beneath them accumulate bacteria that can cause dangerous diseases. In the final seminar the woman showed the students a video of a war veteran who Jyk deleted all 10 of the nail plates, says Opanasenko. According to her, four days later, the man died in hospital in artificial coma.

Under the hashtag #starzyk impressions from visiting of seminars bulatsa and other specialists on pedicure. Just hashtag has United 2.5 thousand publications in Instagram.

The channel also showed one of the victims, the victim Dzik named Jeanne. After visiting the specialist she lost the nails on both feet. Previously, the woman told NTV that she carried out the operation, even though diabetes and poor blood clotting.

It is noted that ZIK became widely known as an expert on ingrown nails owing to the channel on YouTube, where it has about 300 thousand of podeschi. In one of the fresh rolls she described the action against her advertising campaign. To journalists, she promised, “as soon as they are ready lawyers”. Distributed via the photographs she called the ravings of a lunatic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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