12-year-old schoolgirl burned half of the body due to the dangerous flash mob


Photo: Brandi Owens page in Facebook

American schoolgirl Time Lenders (Timiyah Landers) has received numerous burns after participating in a dangerous Fire Challenge flash mob. It is reported by Fox 2 Detroit.

12-year-old girl had dinner with two friends in the apartment of his parents. Immediately after eating the mother left the teenagers alone, but in a few minutes she heard a loud Bang. The woman saw that her daughter was engulfed in flames.

Stepfather Insofar put her in the tub and began to fill with water until the mother tried to rip off her burning clothing. Soon the girl was taken to the hospital, where he immediately put in intensive care. Doctors said the girl suffered burns over 49 percent of the body.

After the incident, friends of the girls admitted that they wanted to participate in the challenge, which I saw on YouTube. Lenders took the spray, directed it on her body and took a lighter to set fire to himself.

The flashmob Fire Challenge has gained popularity in 2014. The participants doused themselves with flammable liquid and set on fire, as well as recording everything on camera and post the resulting videos on social networks.

In 2016, another 12-year-old burned out 40 percent of the skin, participating in dangerous flash mob.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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