Accused in death of disabled teenagers were trying to escape


Photo: Valery Titievsky / “Kommersant”

The court arrested before October 20, 14-year-old, accused in the death of 20-year-old disabled Dmitry Rudakov, reports

The arrested student of the school №9 in the town of Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk region — one of the four minors detained in the criminal case. The hearing was held behind closed doors because the accused is a minor, but from the audience were heard cries and the cries of the mother of one of the Teens: “My killed or not killed? Why should it be put?”, the newspaper notes.

The investigation insisted on the arrest of the student, considering that the mother could not provide proper control over the son since he is out of control parents. In addition, according to security officials, the teenager with another accused tried to escape from the investigation. The boy’s lawyer Nikolai Filev stated their disagreement with the arrest. The question of whether to recognize his client is guilty, he left without comment.

The issue of the arrest of the second defendant in the case — 14-year-old I. postponed until August 23, as the court has requested for additional features. The petition for election measures of restraint of a third of the Teens — one 14-year-old schoolboy, a court will consider on August 22.

The youngest — 13-year-old girl. — still under house arrest. In the near future the investigators are going to go to court with a request to place it on the center of temporary isolation of juvenile offenders, because it has not yet reached the age of criminal responsibility.

All four teenagers were charged with intentional infliction of grievous harm to health, entailed death of the victim.

Rudakov’s body was discovered on 10 August near the garages. According to the forensic examination, the cause of death was traumatic brain injury. The investigative Committee announced its intention to reclassify the case on heavier article “Murder”.

The Teens knew the deceased Dimitri. The evening of 9 August, they met him near the shop and offered to go to the garage to drink beer. Students there forced the disabled to disrobe, and began to beat him. Later filmed the abuse on the phone 13-year-old girl wrote to a friend that they killed someone, as she put it, “the addict”. The deceased was a speech impediment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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