Disclosed prospects of the Russian “Tiger”, “Bear” and “Wolf”


Alexander Krasovitsky Photo: courtesy of the press service of “MIC”

General Director of “Military-industrial company” Alexander Krasovitsky, told “Interfax” about the prospects of Russian armored cars “Tiger”, “Bear” and “Wolf”.

“Work on the new generation of “Tiger” are in accordance with the schedule. You have to understand that it’s OCD, which is funded by the defense Department, and therefore all work conducted under strict control. Any missed deadlines entails penalties. According to the plan, the creation of the prototype machines we need to implement before the end of the year,” said Krasovitsky.

According to him, the appearance of the vehicle will change. “Because we are increasing and the amount booked a car, and its security,” said the Manager.

Speaking of “Bear” Krasovitsky said that in 2017, work began on the adaptation of armored vehicle for the needs of the defense Ministry, which is currently under specification. “Just the requirements for equipment of troops of the national guard of Russia and our Ministry of defence is different. On the supply will be only after completion of all tests the modified model”, — said the head of the company.

The Manager also spoke about the resumption of work on the multi-purpose modular vehicle “Wolf” with the wheel formula 4×4 and 6×6. “We like that in our country nobody did. Cars are created using modern technology,” he said.

According to him, the machine is equipped with an adjustable independent hydropneumatic suspension, allowing not only to change the height of ground clearance, but also to adjust the tilt and roll of the machine, and also onboard information control system.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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