Discovered new signs of a global catastrophe


Photo: @elmltp

Climate scientists first recorded the disappearance of multi-year ice North of Greenland. According to scientists, this may jeopardize the survival of Arctic seals and polar bears. This publication reports Science Alert.

Data collected by satellites show that the ice that covered the Arctic for a long time, become fragile and more mobile. In early August, he was blown from the North coast of Greenland, opening to the sea surface, which was previously covered.

This mobility is due to a change of thickness of ice cover, and at the moment almost all the ice in the Arctic is annual and therefore more subtle.

Previously, scientists believed that in this region the multi-year ice will persist for a long time. Typically, its thickness attains more than four metres and sometimes 20 metres. Thinning is 40 percent below average, according to the researchers, due to the unusually warm beginning of the year and August. This threatens the habitats of polar bears that use sea ice to hunt seals.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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