In Lithuania found a way to keep “Gazprom”


Photo: Maksim Blinov / RIA Novosti

The purchase of the Norwegian company Hoegh LNG terminal liquefied natural gas (NGV) will help to deter the Russian “Gazprom” and to prevent the growth of gas prices. This was stated by Prime Minister of Lithuania Saulius Squirrels in an interview to LRT Radijas.

According to him, the sale of the terminal will also allow to gradually reduce the maintenance costs of the gas infrastructure.

“Today, the terminal is supplying half of all natural gas consumed in Lithuania. In addition, it is very important to price the monopolist was under pressure because if we give up the terminal, prices of “Gazprom” can grow up to 20%,” said Squirrels.

In December 2017, the Lithuanian authorities declared intention to collect with “Gazprom” the fine in the amount of 42 million euros due to the property of the Russian company in Europe. A fine on the Russian company was imposed by the competition Council of Lithuania for the fact that “Gazprom” has allegedly abused its monopoly position in the market of natural gas supplies.

Gazprom has been fined by the Lithuanian authorities in 2014. The reason was the situation which occurred two years before this the company refused the Lithuanian company Lietuvos apegga that sells imported Russian natural gas, in the exchange of batches of raw material.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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