Named an unexpected benefit of alcohol


Photo: Sergey Maligawa / RIA Novosti

Scientists at University College London and Cambridge University found that people who drink alcohol in moderation are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease compared with those who never drank. The results of the scientific work reported in a press release on EurekAlert!.

Experts analyzed data obtained during studies in which in total participated 35 132 people. We assessed level of alcohol consumption, while the moderate dose was considered to be 168 grams of ethanol per week for men and 112 grams of ethanol per week for women. During the observation period were registered in 1718 cases (4.9 percent of the total number of subjects) coronary heart disease (CHD), and died in 325.

It turned out that most often from cardiovascular diseases suffered by those who stopped drinking (incidence in the group — 6.1%). To a lesser degree suffered by those who consumed alcohol in moderation (incidence is 3.8 per cent, mortality — 0.6%). However, the researchers note that a significant difference was observed only in women older than 55 years. Furthermore, the increase of probability of disease can be explained by changes in lifestyle, which entail additional risks.

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