Named the most rare names of taxi drivers


Photo: Felipe Dana / AP

Taxi service “Citymobil” revealed the most popular and the most rare names in the capital’s taxi drivers. The results of the research are available “”.

Thus, among the drivers-men most popular names Alexander (of more than five percent of all taxi drivers), Sergey, Alexey, Andrey and Dmitry. Women-drivers in the lead of Olga (about 20 percent), followed by Irina, Tatiana, Natalia, Ekaterina, Svetlana and Anna.

The most rare names of taxi drivers: Jacques, Elbrus, Plato, Apollo, and Benjamin. Among women drivers, according to the “Citymobil”, the most rare names — Peter, Michelle, Larissa, and Galina.

Previously, the service of Internet ads “Yula” was named the most popular cars among the Russians — they were domestic Lada Priora and Ford Focus car.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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