Named the richest female athletes in the world


Photo: Scott Stuart /

Forbes magazine published a rating of the highest paid athletes in 2018.

The leader was tennis player Serena Williams. Her income is estimated at 18.1 million dollars. From second to sixth place is the other tennis players: Caroline Wozniacki (13 million), Sloane Stephens (11.2 million), Harbinge of Wind (11 million), Maria Sharapova (10.5 million) and Venus Williams (10.2 million).

In the top 10 were only two representatives of other sports. In seventh place was she Usarla of Venkata Sindhu with an income of 8.5 million, in ninth place racer Danica Patrick, earned 7.5 million.

Williams is the third consecutive year, becoming the richest athlete in the world.

In March 2018 the player resumed performances after a 13-month hiatus in connection with the birth of his daughter. At the moment, ex-first racket of the world occupies the 26th place in the ranking of WTA. After returning to the court, she reached the Wimbledon final in 2018, where she lost to German Angelique Kerber. All the assets of the Williams 23 wins in the tournament series “Grand slam” in singles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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