The social network has started to block profiles for the “pedrillo” and “Jewishness”


Dmitry Malikova: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

Social network Facebook blocked for 30 days the account of a Russian journalist Oleg Kashin for the repost joke Dmitry Malikov on “pedrillo” and “Judaism”. This reporter reported on your backup page in the network.

“Hello, comrades. We have a — month!” — wrote Kashin. In his Telegram channel he posted a screenshot with the message of the administration platform, where it was reported that the reason for the temporary block was the quote of the tweet Dmitry Malikov.

At the end of July in the account of the singer on Twitter, it was reported that achieving success in show business is possible due to two components — “pedrillo” and “Judaism”. The best option Malikov called “gay Jew”.

Later, the contractor removed the post and stated that he did not know where his profile appeared in the publication. “What was that, I don’t know, but it popped up on my page…” — wrote Malikov, accompanied by an apology tweet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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