The tourist fell from an inflatable banana and disappeared


Richard Capelouto: Richard Chapelow page in Facebook

British tourist Richard Capelo went missing in Portugal after falling into the water with an inflatable banana. This reports the Metro.

The incident occurred not far from the Algarve in the South of Portugal. According to the head of a local group of volunteers Mario Batista, only water ride was ten Britons: four rode on the banana and the remaining six were in the boat. When the banana upside down, one fallen into the water tourists has disappeared, and now looking for his rescue.

The representative of the Ministry of foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Affairs announced that the family of the missing have been informed about the incident. “We help the family of a British tourist who went missing in Portugal, and maintained contact with local authorities”, — said the press Secretary.

Earlier, on 20 August, the passenger cruise liner company Norwegian Cruise Line, EN route from Croatia to Italy, fell overboard and was saved with the songs and yoga. 46-year-old British woman Kay Longstaff sailed in shorts and t-shirt in 20-degree water about ten hours. The woman fell into the water around midnight and was about a hundred kilometers from the shore when she was found.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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