Determined looks perfect lover


Brad Pitthoo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Scientists from the University of new Mexico have figured out how to determine the best lover in the face. It is reported by The Sun.

Biologist Randy Thornhill concluded that men with symmetrical face is more attractive because the symmetry of the body says about healthy genes. The results of the study, these men have more success in bed even with a lack of experience.

This is also evidenced by the density of the eyebrows. “The thicker the eyebrow, the stronger the confidence and sexuality. In addition, the actions of these people more rational,” — said the expert Jane Hanner.

Scientists from the University of York also said that the stronger the sun on the man’s face, the more likely it is that he tends to dominate the relationship, while pale skin may be a sign of inaccessibility and isolation.

In April, Prince Harry was named the most beautiful young man in the Royal family due to the symmetry of his face. Head of the center for cosmetic and plastic surgery in London Dr. Julian De Silva correlated for all young people from families with rule of the Golden section. Facial features Prince Harry scored 81.4 per cent.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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