Poroshenko made fun of the network for “medieval” slogans


Photo: Facebook

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko made fun of in social networks for posters on the Day of independence in Kiev. The Slogans “The Army! Language! Faith!” netizens found medieval and even frightening, and some accused the President of plagiarism.

“It would seem, live in 2018, but must fight for the goal, worthy of medieval society,” — wrote in Facebook the journalist Alexey Rosovitskii, attaching to post a photograph of a street Billboard.

Teacher Lera Gavrilenko there admitted that the slogans Poroshenko has terrified her. “The last two statements can be easily exchanged for “Newspeak! Big Brother!”. And begin to live in a 1984 Orwellian London. Why in all the slogans swarmed Kiev, there is nothing about a person? The Ukrainian? Freedom-prosperity-prosperity? But there is an emphasis on the army. There is an emphasis on faith (in a secular country). In General, do not like something that’s all”, she said.

“I hope you understand what is important for this government? Economy? Raising the income of the population and the increase in pensions? Freedom of speech? You! It is not necessary! Only the army, language and faith! Nothing more!” — wrote in Facebook the journalist Maxim osovsky.

“Poroshenko put forward the slogan “army, language, faith”, he thought, this is the good old “Orthodoxy, autocracy, nationality”. Language — the same nationality. In the Ukrainian army (…)the commander is the autocrat. With faith everything is clear. Buckles screenie,” said a Twitter user under the nickname Pauluskp.

The independence day of Ukraine celebrated on 24 August.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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