Predicted a sudden global catastrophe


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An international group of scientists found that a revolution of the magnetic poles of the Earth can occur suddenly and be catastrophic for countries where widespread digital technologies. This publication reports Science Alert.

It is believed that the inversion of poles is done in a few thousand years and leads to a short sharp weakening of Earth’s magnetic field. As a result of harmful to organisms and damaging to electronic equipment cosmic radiation reaches the planet’s surface. A number of scientists believe that geomagnetic inversion is random and not periodic in nature. Sometimes the strength of the magnetic field is suddenly reduced, as it was about 41 thousand years ago, when for several centuries the magnetosphere weakened to five percent from its present state.

Researchers are trying to identify the signs, which could warn about the reversal of the poles. However, in the new work, scientists have shown that inversion can be sudden and unpredictable phenomenon. They analyzed the location of the magnetite crystals in the stalagmite caves, located in the Chinese province of Guizhou. This allowed to determine the peculiarities of the inversion of poles and changes of the magnetic field strength of about 100 thousand years ago.

It was found that approximately 98 thousand years ago there was an inversion, which lasted about two hundred years. According to scientists, this is a shockingly small period of time, as previously it was thought that between the inverses are at least tens of thousands of years. It is unlikely that such significant changes in a magnetic field, if they happened now, could be predicted.

In February it was reported that scientists admitted the possibility of imminent revolution of the magnetic poles of the Earth. According to researchers, over the past 200 years the planet’s magnetic field has weakened by 15 percent, which indicates its increasing instability.

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