Professor from Hong Kong killed family using the ball for yoga


Photo: Tyrone Siu / Reuters

Professor from Hong Kong appeared in court charged with the murder of his wife and daughter. This writes the South China Morning Post.

According to prosecutors, CWC, Kim sun (Khaw Kim sun) worked in the Department of anesthesiology and intensive care the Chinese University of Hong Kong in may 2015, put the wife in the trunk of a leaky ball for yoga with carbon monoxide (carbon monoxide). In the end, 47-year-old woman and appeared that day in the car 16-year-old couple was poisoned and died. Found them left on a run to a local resident.

At the time of the CWC, Kim Suna, as it turned out, was having an affair with a student. At some point he organized a University study that have no practical value, but for which the needed carbon monoxide. He was assisted by the same student.

Later, the Professor brought home from University two filled with carbon monoxide the ball. Bringing them from the lab, he told colleagues that he wants to check the purity of the gas. Later in the interrogation, the man said that brought poison home to kill the rats.

The Professor himself of his guilt in the murder does not recognize. However, according to the Prosecutor, specializing in anesthesiology Kho Kim sun could not be aware of the danger of gas, which clearly speaks of his desire to deal with his wife. His daughter most likely was a random victim: the man did not know that this day she will not be in school.

In February it was reported that the Italian carabinieri had seriously wounded his wife and killed both his daughters in the city of Cisterna Di latina near Rome. The man already some time lived with his wife.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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