The 94-year-old veteran was robbed during a trip to places of military glory


Eric Fanfoto: @brennanmgilmore

In the UK, robbed 94-year-old world war II veteran who participated in the landing in Normandy. This was reported by the Telegraph.

The Welshman Eric Vaughn (Eric Vaughan) together with his wife went on a cruise to the places of military glory in Normandy, when he called a neighbor and reported that his house burgled.

House veteran found that the intruders took a laptop, two wristwatches, including a gift from his wife on 70th anniversary folding knife, vintage rare old German banknotes. Vaughn was shocked and did not think that once dare to repeat the trip: “My heart is broken, and I feel anxious since I got back. If from me tore off a piece, I can’t recover. I’m almost 95, and I thought I was doing okay, but it freaked me out”.

The spouse of a veteran upset no less: “What is the point to fight for his country, if with you happens? He saw the horrors of war and thought he was doing everything for the state, but nobody cares”. She suspects that the robbery was committed by young people who “have never worked and have no idea about responsibility and respect.”

The police said that investigating a crime.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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